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Welcome to Red Trance's Free Online Radio Stations Guide!!

Hey folks, welcome to We have free streaming internet radio 24/7 for all you music lovers.

Lots of genres to choose from below. All you have to do is click the listen link, and your default music player should kick right in. If you don't have a proper music player, we recommend Winamp or Windows Media Player.


Club Dubstep Radio

Chillout Digital

Epic Trance Radio

Dubstep Central

Digitalis Screengazer

Hands Up Radio

Nasa Electronica

Progressive Trance

Tags Trip Techno

Euro Trance

Indie Pop

Deep House

Haunted Ambience

Progressive Psy

Offbeat Tempo

Hard Dance Core

Lush Chillout

Trance Unlimited

Vocal Trance

Lounge Radio

Vocal Chillout

House Music Unlimited

Sonic Jazz

Minimal Electronica

Electro House

Club Sounds

Tech House Flavors

Drone Zone

Psy Chill

Goa-Psy Trance

Underground 80's

Deep Nu Disco

Chillout Dreams

Hardcore Techno

Electronic DJ Mix

Funky House

Ambient Galaxy

Lounge Exotica


Secret Agent

Latin House

Dubstep Beyond

Classic Electronica

UK Garage

Goa Suburbs

Break Beat Central

Tribal House

Groove Salad

Space Dreams

8 Bit Chiptunes

Classic Trance

OldSchool Acid

Disco House

Cosmic Downtempo

Techno Unlimited

Soulful House

Dance Rock

Classic Eurodance

Blackrock Deadhead

Liquid Drum N Bass

Hardstyle Trance

House Beat Blender

Future Synthpop

Mid Tempo Electric

Listening to music that you enjoy has been proven to enhance cognitive effects on the brain and increase test scores. Having our listeners Happy and Alert is our way to making the world a better place :) So, how can a person use Red Trance on a regular basis? I'm glad you asked, next time you have a issue that you need a answer to, take a break and listen to your favorite station and out of thin air the answer will pop into your mind.


The Office

Power 181

Old School Hip Hop

Energy 98

UK Top 40

The Point

Heart Love Songs

The Vibe of Vegas

The Mix

Euro Dance

Studio 181 Dance

Smooth AC

Party 181


The Buzz

Chloe 181

80's Hairband

Classic Buzz

The Eagle

The Hardcore Punk

The Rock

Rock 40

Rock 181

The Point

Cover Music


The Beat

Jammin 181

True R&B

Old School

Soul Food

Reggae Roots

Reggaeton 24/7

The Box

Salsa Time


Star 90's

90's Country

Lite 90's

Awesome 80's

Lite 80's

90's Alternative

Good Time Oldies

Super 70's

24/7 Beatles

Soul Oldies

Classic Hits 181


Chill Pop

Kickin' Country

Classic Guitar

Front Porch Bluegrass

Comedy Club Radio

Christmas Mix

Americana Roots

CineMix Classical

Listening to one of the stations found here on Red Trance has been known to help the wandering state of the mind that increases creativity and has been known to have long lasting relaxing effects.

By the way, non of the claims we make here have scientific evidence, this is from personal experiences shared to us by our long time listeners.

If you are having issues listening with you default music player please try our beta version. Otherwise, your default windows media player should kick right in when you click the links.

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